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With 15 years of professional health and tourism experience, we offer all the solutions that will meet your expectations completely. We pay attention for your transparency and privacy.

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Antalya Health has been providing services since 2006 by adopting the principle of fully meeting the expectations and needs of patients and their relatives at every point. It was established in partnership with specialist doctors and tourism professionals.

Antalya Health is an institutional and reliable structure that has been implemented to meet the expectations and needs of specialist doctors with more than 30 years of experience, patients and their relatives in the field of health tourism with applications that will make a difference and  has contributed to the development of many medical students who serve as doctors in various health institutions, dedicated to human life and the health of their patients and signed numerous scientific studies on this subject today.

The aim of Antalya Health is to ensure that the patients and their relatives receive the highest quality services without any problems on their travels for the purpose of treatment in a most economical and reliable way through a professional organization within the health sector and that they do not deal with any other process except the treatment process.

With its professional, dynamic and experienced team, Antalya Health offers a service structure that does not compromise medical and ethical principles, respects patient rights and meets international quality standards and provides services in agreement with Turkey’s leading hospitals, medical centers and doctors, each of which provides international quality standards.

In addition to the professional health services it meets, Antalya Health also fully provides all transportation, accommodation, transfer, interpreter and health consultant needs of patients and their relatives with its 20 years of international tourism experience.

Antalya Health is one of the first agencies in Antalya authorized by the health tourism authority certificate attached to the Ministry of Health.


Antalya Health investigates all the tickets of domestic and international airlines for you with the most appropriate flight alternatives for your budget and travel plan. It compares all airline ticket prices according to the date and route you choose for your flight and offers you the most affordable airline ticket alternatives.

You can reach our call center and you can buy the most economical flight tickets of all airline companies safely and effortlessly with our professional travel consultancy services. With our special consulting service, our travel authorities follow your option times on your behalf and provide you with quick assistance in booking changes and cancellation requests.


Transfer services are provided with special shuttles and vehicles to meet the patients and their relatives from different countries and cities from airports and to reach the planned routes. Full-fledged ambulance support is also provided in these transfer services when necessary due to the health conditions of our patients. Following your arrival in our country, you will be accompanied by Antalya Health health consultants to provide you with a full response to your potential demands and needs during your trip, which will begin with your arrival at the airport.


Before you start your trip, Antalya Health authorities will offer you different accommodation alternatives. All the necessary support is provided to you so that you can choose the option that best meets your expectations and needs.

The comfort and convenience of our patients and their relatives are considered as a priority and we offer accommodation in our contracted boutique hotels, 4 and 5 star hotels, homes, suites and residences according to your preference with Antalya Health guarantee. Our accommodation options are located in the city centers of Antalya and close to the institutions to which treatment will be provided.

Uninterrupted internet service can be provided during your accommodation so that you can easily contact your country at any time. There is also a transfer service for your transportation needs, and a travel advisor service to provide support for your potential needs.


We offer translation services in different languages with translators who are experts in their fields of Antalya health so that you can easily meet your demands and needs during your trip and receive constant information about your patient.

Our translation services currently include the following languages: English, German, French,    Russian, Arabic