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Why patients choose our center

antalya health medical services Antalya Health Tourism; As doctors who devote themselves to their professions, who value human life and serve with great enthusiasm for this purpose for many years, we are very pleased to be a part of this structure that provides institutional and reliable services to meet this need that we observe in the treatment processes of patients and their relatives with importance.

The main purpose of Antalya Health is to ensure that the patients and their relatives receive the highest quality services without any problems on their important journeys for the purpose of treatment, through a professional organization within the health sector, in the most economical and reliable way and that they do not engage in any other process other than the treatment process.

Our aim is to provide the best doctors and hospitals for our patients, as well as quality facilities and services, along with the best prices. Since our establishment, we have provided services to many foreign patients from the UK, Middle East, America, Asia, Africa and all over the world, and we will continue to provide them.

There are many specially selected hospitals and doctors under the umbrella of Antalya Health. This network of hospitals has been carefully selected by Antalya’s 15-year professional healthcare team, looking through the eyes of patients. Antalya Health offers the right treatment with the appropriate budget for patients who will come for treatment. With our contracted hospitals, we offer treatment with an active and dynamic team of the best specialist doctors. All of our doctors are experts in their fields / treatments and speak foreign languages in addition to following all the new innovations in their fields of expertise.

We are aware of the difficulties of getting health care in another country, in a foreign culture. Therefore, we accompany our patients at every stage of their treatment to ensure that they feel that they are always “at home” and never alone. With Antalya Health Tourism, we guarantee to have a safe and stress-free medical travel.

Our biggest difference is our service quality

Based on our experience in the field of health and tourism, we are pleased to provide complete and comprehensive services.


Antalya Health is one of the first agencies in Antalya which has the certificate of TURSAB as well as the certificate of authority of the Ministry of Health. “Antalya Health” is also a registered trademark of our company.

We introduce you to our doctors before coming to Turkey

We’d like you to fill out the “Form” on our homepage before your treatment. Antalya Health consultants will contact you as soon as possible and will initiate interviews with you to determine the appropriate treatment. After examining all the data from you, our doctors will determine the most appropriate treatment for you. If you wish, video/voice calls are planned with our doctor via Skype or WhatsApp. Once all the preparations are complete, our consultants will offer you the treatment plan. After your confirmation, they prepare all reservations and plans.

After this process, you can consult our doctor about any issue. In this way, doctor-patient communication begins before your treatment and your doctor can start your treatment process immediately when you arrive here.

Our Mission

  • To produce fast and professional solutions to all organizations of our patients before and after treatment
  • To provide quality health services to the service of all humanity
  • To be a pioneer in choosing health institutions equipped with state of the art technology devices
  • To adequately respond to the needs of patients throughout the treatment process
  • To maintain a comfortable and convenient process in accordance with patient rights law during the treatment process
  • To take precautions in advance for problems that patients may experience
  • To lead patients to arrive safely in their countries after treatment

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