Breast Augmentation in Turkey

breast augmentation antalyaDespite the fact, the demands on the number of breast augmentation may vary from time to time. However, it remains popular in USA and Europe by differentiating to meet with many women’s expectation.

Reasons Behind the Breast Augmentation

  • To have a larger breast
  • Congenital breast anomalies
  • Proportion of whole body parts ( e.g. bum‘s & breast‘s width and length )
  • Giving birth or breast-feeding complications (shrink/ diminished)
  • Dimension differences in between two breasts
  • To re-shape or replace the breast following breast cancer operation

Breast Augmentation Operation

In 1 or 2 hours Silicone implants ( breast prosthesis ) can be placed within the planed breast area under the general anaesthesia. Following the operation ,patient encourages to wear an ‘‘athlete bra’’ and a tight bandaged can be  on top of the bra in some cases. Pain relief would be given through the vein as the patient stays in hospital one night then discharge in following day.

Pain Relief After the Operation

It is true to have ‘’some pain in the first two days’’ after the operation. Although, dealing with the pain may be vary for everyone, the pain control can be done by taking some prescribed pain killer. Please also be aware that you may need to show some patient for dealing with pain in order to gain the healthier and best looking breasts.

Healing Process Following the Operation

breast augmentation turkeyTo prevent pain, in the first two days it is extremely crucial to have rest (by sitting up in bed) and not uplifting the arm.

Do not worry if you have some oedema as it will be gone in two days, the pain also will be faced away and finally arm movements will be eased as well. Equally it is essential to wear the ‘’athlete bra’’ at least 1.5 months if you wish breast prosthesis to keep the shape of the breast permanently.

Only, two months duration please do take a break excessive sports and heavy body works (lifting or carrying heavy stuff). Each first visits you take to your surgeon; you will also have treatment for reducing the operation scars. To sum up, you can return your daily life in 3 days.

Breast Augmentation and Implant Types

Regardless of its brand name, it is vital to have a Silicon Prosthesis which has FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) accreditation. We do not prefer any other brands then FDA approved brands.

The implants are varying in according to materials and patients’ expectations.  Considering the different functions Saline and Silicone Implants both covered with the protecting shell.

Saline Implants: Saline implants are filled with sterile saltwater. Your surgeon will fill in the implant once it’s been inserted in place. Women age 18 and older then would be suitable for saline implant.

Silicone Breast Implants: Silicone Breast Implants are more popular among many women as they fit well and more like natural breast tissue. These types of implants are pre-filled with silicone gel which can be more appropriate for a long-lasting result. Silicone Breast Implants are convenient to women age 22 and older to women of any age.

You also have option to choose how your breasts will look after operation;

  • Drop Breast Prosthesis: Additionally, it gives the women more natural breast appearance due to its look therefore it is mostly preferred.
  • Round Breast Prosthesis: Round Prosthesis give well-rounded look on the upper side of the breast. It is the reason for preference those whom enjoy dressing low cut.

 Which breast prosthesis is best for you?

Every woman may get concern about each single process of the operation and right to choose about her look.

The patient must be given the full information with plus and minuses regarding where the surgeon is going to put the breast prosthesis.

Deciding for the best Breast Prosthesis is a very thin area where the surgeon and the patient work together and decide what is best. The priorities can be decided according to;

  • Patient’s preference
  • Thickness of the breast tissue
  • Thickness of the breast muscle
  • Body measurements (chest wideness, shoulder and chest distance, height)
  • Frequency of the breast’s prolapses – sagging
  • Previous breast operations

Does the Patient Has to Wear Supported Bra Following The Operation?

Any breast operation does require wearing a specially adjusted bra up to 1.5 months due to keep the breast natural skin complexion and muscle structure (breast augmentation or reduction).

The more the patient follows the rules the more the result would become satisfied!

Does the Operation Leave Any Permanent Scar?

You can expect to see the scars (5 cm) to fade away in the following 6 months and the most scars would be under the breasts which will not be visible.

Can the Breast Augmentation and Breast Lifting Be Done At The Same Time?

It can be done when breasts both have sagging, losing their tenderness and fullness. It must not be ignored that the fact the bigger breast prosthesis can cause more sagging if the breasts already propitious of losing their muscle strength.

Is There Any Age Limit for The Breast Augmentation?

This Question to be asked many often as we do not believe that it is ‘‘medically ethical to operate any women under the age of 18 ‘‘.

Is It Possible to Do Breast Feeding After the Operation?

As the breast prosthesis will be inserted under the breast tissue and will have no connections with the milk canals, any breast operations do not compromise of breast feeding as the patient can and be able to do so.

Preparation Before and After the Operation

The things that you may need to do before and after the operation would have to have safe and comfortable operation stages for you and for your surgeon.

  • Please let your surgeon to know about any medication that you may be on
  • If you are a smoker then you may need to take some time before and after the operation
  • Any blood thickener such as Aspirin you would have to stop using it according to your surgeon’s advice
  • Women under age of 40 ultrasound and above must have mammogram scanning
  • Before you get into the operation you need to make sure to remove any loose teeth, jewelleries and contact lenses
  • Please make sure you bring front zippered or button loose clothes to bring with you as you will struggle to lift your arms for the following 2 days.
  • If you could bring straws with you that would help you with your fluid intake, then you wouldn’t have to sit up each time you wish to drink and get uncomfortable

What to Do Next – After Operation

Please do ask your surgeon any worries you may have before the operation.

  • You must wear the athlete bra for 1.5 months which will be especially adjusted for these types of after operation care
  • Make sure you take the prescribed medications by your surgeon
  • Be careful about raising your arms (2 months), heavy lifting or any physical exercise
  • Do not lift or carry anything more than 3 kilograms (6.61 lb)
  • You can make an appointment with your surgeon to reduce your operation scar under carbon dioxide laser