Breast Lifting in Turkey

breast liftingNevertheless, around the world women may have difficulties to deal with sagging breasts which also associate with softer tissue and deformed as a result of many reasons (breast feeding, irregular weight lost, age, gravity, wearing wrong bra, having larger breasts then actual sizes).

The breasts do not have any muscle combination but entirely be formed with milk and fatty tissues.

During a breast lift, excess skin is removed, and breast tissue is reshaped to raise the breasts.

A breast lift won’t significantly change the size of your breasts. However, a breast lift can be done in combination with breast augmentation or breast reduction.

Is it possible to give the breasts natural look without surgery?

Breasts in its natural look have nipples above the breast’s folding – line, in minimal breast prolapse the nipples come slightly underneath the breast’s folding- line and in the further breast prolapse the nipples come completely under the folding – line. Unfortunately, any cosmetic cream, device or massage can make permanent changes to have the breasts’ natural look back.

How do we decide to have breast operation?

Examination can give the surgeon crucial idea about the breast’s tissue level and the actual place of nipples. Even though there is a minimal level of prolapse but also there is enough breast tissue surgeons can place silicon breast prosthesis therefore the breast can have plump and lifted look. If the prolapse is in a mild  level but also there is enough tissue breast reduction operation technics may be conduct anted and finally if the breast prolapse is in a maximum level but also there is enough breast tissue surgeon can  placed a silicone prosthesis and also done  total  breast lifting. The surgeon would also decide level of lifting during the operation.

Do I have to have anaesthesia and how long is the operation takes?

Regardless of their techniques breast operations must be under general anaesthesia. The operations usually take place between 2-4 hours.

What to expect after the operation?

Straight after the operation your nurse will put ice compress over bandages or around the wound and you will be dress your athlete bra (to balance the breasts as well as pain control) and wear them for 4 weeks. Please don’t be panic with the two drainages (to discharge any excessive body fluids or blood) on your both sides of your breasts as they will be removed in 24-48 hours. You can take have a shower after the drains are removed. The oedema around the breast will be fade away in couple of weeks as the breasts will have their natural look in 8 till 10 weeks.

Can I do breast feeding after the breast operation?

Depends on the operation techniques, generally there will be no problem with breast feeding.

Is there a risk of breast prolapses after the operation?

A major weight changes and a pregnancy may cause the breast to lose after operation look. Therefore, may help if the woman doesn’t plan to get pregnant after the operation.

Can the crakes in the skin be removed completely after the operation?

It is not possible to remove the cracks in the breast skin as the surgeon can only take the healing tissue under the nipples.

What to do with the operation marks?

Usually 3.5 cm operation wound will be located underneath the breast’s themselves therefore will not be visible. Even though, the skin round-up (tightening) operation may leave slight I, L or T shape marks can become unseen after a year.

What NOT to expect from a breast lifting operation?

The breast can only be plumber look with a breast lifting operation. Breast lifting operation does not affect the skin complexion, size (small – large) and the shape (round – flat) of the breasts.