A complete check up can be a good guide for anyone who may be at risk of certain genetical illnesses or those who might like to be on safe side to have early signs of any illnesses.

Antalya Health Check Up packages are promoted personally (age, gender, family health history).

You won’t be own your own in hospital as our patient coordinator who speaks in your language will be with you during the check-up.

Our check up system is based on;

  • ISO 15189 accredited laboratory standards
  • Doctor reports and test results keep under digital system
  • Only check-up area in the hospital
  • A check-up hospital staff will do the follow up on your behalf
  • You may ask to have further tests if your doctor deems appropriate

What covers a check up?

For the most adequate check-up result your doctor starts with taking your personal (special diet, age, gender, current illnesses, medication) and family health history. Laboratory and radiological tests may follow this stage. You may be directed to a specialist if you are diagnosed with any illness.

Why you should do check up?

The most vital reason to do a check-up to prevent any health complication particularly if you are at risk (family history).

How often you need to do a check-up? Every adult needs to run a yearly check-up even they don’t feel ill or at risk. Yearly check-up can guide your doctor to compare the previous results to realise whether you are at any risks.

How long a check up last for and what to expect?

Appointment will be a starting point and you may need to inform your doctor if you are on any regular medication. You need to come with an empty stomach (8-10 hours prior) for further tests (blood and urine) depends on your age (men over 40 prostate level tests- PSA, women over 40 mammography), ECG (Electro Cardio Graph), ultrasound, lung graph.

Timing scale may be vary depending on your check-up package.

Getting ready for your check up

Some tests might have preliminary requirements which can help you to save enormous time but also critical to have prompt results. If any changes during your check-up you’d be informed beforehand.

Please be aware that you must not take any acidic or sweet drink (please do not take alcohol and have light meal night before) coffee, smoke or chewing gum before your check-up.

And children also come with empty stomach before their check-up.

If you would need to have abdomen-stomach ultrasound you must have an empty stomach and full urine bag – bladder. Your doctor will direct you when you should start drinking water and not to pass urine to keep your bladder full!

For Efforted ECG test you may need to bring spare underwear, towel, comfortable clothing and a pair of sneakers.

Please be aware that for mammography check up you must not put any cream, lotion, perfume and have a shower before and you must be in your 3rd or 10th days of monthly period.

You can carry on taking your regular medication but also please inform your doctor as well and bring your previous tests result that you may have any.

check up
Early diagnosed and Check Up…

Early diagnosed and check up!

It can be lifesaving if we all could do a check-up on a yearly basis as it helps us with early diagnosis.

Changing our lifestyles over the centuries and getting more involved with toxics, radiation, genetically modified foods may cause cancer to begin with. Having a check-up can helps us with early diagnosis and start with the treatment.

Cardiovascular, genetical, age and gender classifications for your check-up also help with your early diagnosis.

Self-examination and what to do next guiding can also be given during your check-up and you won’t left own your own!

Oral and dental examinations can also lead us to early stage of mouth cancer.

A dietitian guidance can also help with any weight problem to deal with other underlined physiological illnesses (diabetes).

Can a check-up diagnose cancer?

We can diagnose most of cancer types with a check-up in early stage. But precise diagnose can be done with a biopsy or further radiological tests.

Regular check-ups can help diagnosed certain cancer types in early stage;

  • Bowel cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Cervical cancer

Many reasons can cause cancer such as obesity therefore before the metabolism natural function breaks down it is important to start the treatment.

And, the most common and fatal cancer types lung, breast, cervical and thyroid, prostate can be diagnosed in early stage through a check-up.

Regular cancer check-ups for women;

Regular cancer check-ups for men;

  • Prostate
  • Bowel
  • Stomach
  • Oral (Lip and inside mouth)
  • Lung
  • Liver
  • Non-Hedging Lymphoma

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