Eyelift Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

eyelift surgery turkeyEyelift (Blepharoplasty) a type of surgery that repairs droopy eyelids and may involve removing excess skin muscle and fat. As we get older, our eyelids stretch and the muscles supporting them get weaken.

Besides making us look older, severely sagging skin around our eyes can reduce our side vision. Blepharoplasty can reduce or eliminate these vision problems and make our eyes appear younger.

Why Do we Get Droopy Eye Lifts?

We might consider blepharoplasty if droopy or sagging eyelids keep our eyes from opening completely. Removing excess tissue from upper eyelids can improve our vision.

Blepharoplasty may be an option if we have:

  • Baggy or droopy upper eyelids
  • Excess skin of the upper eyelids (interferes with vision)
  • Excess skin on the lower eyelids
  • Bags under your eyes

You may wish to undergo blepharoplasty at the same time as another procedure such as a brow lift, face-lift or skin resurfacing.

Some personal and social habits may cause damage to eyelids, eyebrows, face skin such as drinking, smoking and sleep disorders.

Botox can be an option before the actual surgery for the eyebrow lift as well as filling inside the eye socket bone.

How Would You Prepare for The Operation?

Before scheduling blepharoplasty, you would need to meet with your surgeon to discuss your medical history. Your surgeon will ask questions about previous surgeries and past or current conditions, such as dry eyes, glaucoma, allergies, circulatory problems, thyroid problems and diabetes. Your doctor will also ask about your use of medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, smoking, sleeping patterns and medications that you might be on.

Before your eyelid surgery, you’ll undergo:

  • A physical examination; Your surgeon may do a physical examination, which includes measuring parts of your eyelids.
  • A vision examination; Your eye doctor will examine your eyes and test your vision.
  • Eyelid photography; Your eyes will be photographed from different angles. These photos help with planning the surgery.

And you’ll be asked to:

  • Stop taking any blood thinner medication such as aspirin, or some other medications you might be taking. You doctor will tell you beforehand about this detail.
  • Quit smoking several weeks before your surgery. Smoking can reduce your ability to heal after surgery.

Anaesthesia option for the Eyelift Surgery

Blepharoplasty is usually done in an outpatient setting. Your surgeon injects numbing medication into your eyelids and administers intravenous medication to help you relax.

What to Expect After Eyelift Surgery

After surgery you spend time in a recovery room, where you are monitored for complications. You can leave later that day to go home.

After surgery you may temporarily experience:

  • Blurred vision from the ointment applied to your eyes
  • Watering eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Double vision
  • Puffy, numb eyelids
  • Swelling and bruising like having black eyes
  • Pain or discomfort

You may need to ask doing the following steps after surgery:

  • Use ice packs on your eyes for 10 minutes every hour the night after surgery.
  • Gently clean your eyelids and use prescribed eyedrops or ointments.
  • Avoid straining, heavy lifting and swimming for a week.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes.
  • If you use contact lenses, don’t put them in for about two weeks after surgery.
  • Wear darkly tinted sunglasses to protect the skin of your eyelids from sun and wind.
  • After a few days, return to the doctor’s office to have stitches removed, if needed.

Many people get happy with the results of blepharoplasty, such as a more youthful appearance and more self-confidence. For some people, results of surgery may last a lifetime. For others, droopy eyelids may reoccur.

Bruising and swelling generally decrease in 10 to 14 days, which may be when you feel comfortable going out in public. Scars from the surgical cuts may take months to fade. Take care to protect your delicate eyelid skin from too much sun exposure.

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