The “Antalya Health” team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in medical procedures, bureaucratic procedures, foreign insurance companies’ operations, hospital accounting and healthcare using high technology. In this way, all the necessary formal procedures and preparations are carried out on your behalf as your intermediary service organization as soon as possible.

What are the advantages of getting service from Antalya Health?

There are no surprise billing. All the doctors we work with have professional liability insurance. In case of excuse, 100% refund is made to you. All our procedures are transparent. Besides your medical treatment, it coordinates your social programs. All your services are managed from a single agent without intermediaries. After your application, you will be informed about your treatment plan and pricing within 3-5 days at the latest.

Why should I be treated in Turkey?

Besides the health institution, doctor, hotel, the general condition of your target country is very important in terms of both comfort and safety. Turkey is a safe country where you can have comfort in all respects. Its rapidly developing economy has made comfort and luxury accessible in the country. The high level of welfare, especially in big cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, is an important and positive indicator of security. Luxury transportation, lodging and resort facilities, technology and health care in the race situation with Europe and America, a country that makes it a preferred medical tourism in Turkey.

Is treatment options and costs more convenient in Turkey?

Yes, definitely. Health-Care services are 70-80% cheaper than in Europe and the USA. You don’t have to wait to be treated. It has world-class, high-tech medical equipments and a number of specialist health professionals. You can access transactions that are not covered by insurance in your country easily and affordably. Access to modern medical services that require specialization, socio-cultural similarity and traditional tourism opportunities are other reasons.

How is the quality of hospitals in Turkey?

Turkey is # 1 in the world with 52 JCI accredited hospitals and 10 hospitals have been accredited by de TEMOS. Turkey’s Ministry of Health has 87 administrative agreement unions with 53 countries in the field of health since it’s physical conditions and equipment are conforming the world standards.

How to choose a health institution and doctor?

Evaluation is made by consultants and specialists in the field and selected with your approval

What is the time required for my treatment at the health institution?

The duration of your treatment is estimated as a result of mutual negotiations. Your treatment is carried out in the most economical and as soon as possible.

What are the medical documents should I prepare before arriving in Turkey?

Your previous hospital reports, examination results and medical imaging reports.

How can I solve the language problem?

As Antalya Health, you will be provided with an interpreter service that can speak any language you need for your communication needs and know your social-cultural features.

What are the reasons for patients want to be treated abroad?

  • High medical fees in their own country
  • Long waiting periods
  • Being not satisfied with the quality of treatment

What are the reasons for patients to prefer Turkey for treatment?

Turkey is a preferred country in health tourism for a long period. You may find the reasons below;

    • The presence of many hospitals with high comfort and quality standards,
    • A large number of experienced specialist doctors,
    • Strict supervision of certified Health Tourism companies and the state assurance of patients,
    • Being in a location with numerous historical and natural beauties,
    • General hospitality perceptive,
    • Besides, low-cost benefits compared to other countries.

Is medical sector safe in Turkey?

In recent years, the Ministry of Health has brought strict legal inspections and restrictions that will make Health Tourism clients much safer by taking more precise and serious measures than before.

The reason for this is, especially, many undocumented firms established abroad and claiming to have cheap health tourism and persons who are not mentioned in the official records have been stained Turkey’s honor of the health sector.

When choosing from companies that carry out tourism activities in the health sector, care must be taken to have an official document approved by the Ministry of Health to be inspected.

How is medical team in Turkey?

Our entire medical team is licensed. From nurse to doctor, we check all applicants and ensure that our patients receive the best service. Our patients are evaluated and treated by a multidisciplinary team with a holistic approach specializing in their subject.

How can I apply to be treated in Turkey?

It will be sufficient to call +90 530 766 30 30 or +90 242 606 1 606 or to enter the application section at and writing the information requested.

Our mail address; 

What should I do after I apply?

After you make an application via our website or by phone, you will receive an e-mail regarding the subject. You should collect the patient’s current medical documents and send them in response to the incoming e-mail.

How do I translate the documents into Turkish?

After your reports are received, they are checked and translated by our consultants.

How many days does it take to get back to me?

Because each individual application is examined to the finest detail, you can expect to hear from us in 5 business days.

How much does treatment cost in Turkey?

We can only share the price information after the analysis process for all applications.

It is not possible to give average price information without patient analysis process and clarifying the patient’s treatment content. The analysis process is completely free.

Does the pricing include a plane ticket?

Plane tickets are not included in prices.

Does the pricing include accommodation?

Accommodation options are offered according to your treatment plan.

What does pricing include?

Our recommendation will include all the services we can offer, transfers, tests, medical treatment, hospitalization, post-treatment care and consultations. Additionally, flight organization and domestic travel arrangements can be made if desired.

If your website does not contain information about the treatment and care that I am interested in?

If you have a special request not mentioned on our website, please contact us so that we can reply to you as soon as possible. We can help you with the latest known treatments and interventions. One of our service standards is to answer your questions.

What should I know before coming to Turkey?

It is better to know the location and weather conditions of the city you are traveling to.

Antalya Health will determine the hotels in the city for you. In addition to this, you can color your trip by exploring the historical features of the city, and the special Turkish cuisine.

Will I be able to contact my doctor after I've returned to my country?

Regular patient follow-up is carried out hereafter your treatment and it is continued when you return to your country. We create a bridge for communication between the patient and the doctor.

Are you ready to come to Turkey?

Our professional and experienced team, whose specialty is health tourism, entrusts you to the most competent physicians while providing services for the needs and comfort of you and your relatives.