Transit Bipartition

Tube Stomach Surgery
Obesity (Bariatric) Surgery in Turkey (for male)

This surgical intervention for obesity and diabetic patients is one of the treatment methods used to eliminate other diseases that obesity causes.

The operation can be carried out using different methods and offers many alternatives in this context.

What Are The Terms of Transit Bipartition Surgery?

One of the conditions required to undergo surgery is that patient must be 18 years old and do not have heart disease.

Fit for surgery?

Unfortunately, it will not be right to use a phrase as being eligible or not under this title. However, a heart patient is not suitable for this surgery. Patients who are not in a good shape of health, the treatment of the relevant problem is primarily foreseen and then action is taken for the surgery.

How long will the surgery last?

The duration of the operation may be extended but it usually ends in a period of 4 to 6 hours. Although it may seem like a difficult operation the number of surgeons successfully perform the surgery in a high level and adequate hospitals.

Before Transit Bipartition Surgery

As in many other surgical interventions the doctor will ask you the details of the drugs you use, the foods you consume and much more detail will come across and you will be asked to meet these details.

Patients from abroad

If you come earlier then operation, you will have time to rest. You need to consult the doctor about the medications you are on. Please stop taking alcohol and smoking before the operation.

After Transit Bipartition Surgery

The sensitivity to be shown in the preoperative period and during the surgical process will also be shown in the postoperative period. The doctor will advise you about do’s and don’ts. Sleep position, nutrition is regular, mobility and many more details come across.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Eligible for Diabetes Surgery?

It would be wrong to say something for your suitability for surgery. When you knock on your doctor’s door the necessary examinations will be carried out as soon as possible and you will be notified if you are suitable for surgery. If you are a heart patient, you can say that you are not suitable for this surgery, but it is not right to provide direct information about different health problems.

Is Surgery Safe?

Of course, it is safe if you act with a specialist and more importantly a surgeon who has performed this operation many times. That’s why it’s so important that the choice of clinic and doctor is done correctly.

What is the Age Limit of Surgery?

This limit is set to above18 so that surgical interventions can be performed smoothly, and that the person can take part in the surgery by his own decision. Any patient over the age of 18 can have this surgery.

Who Can Have Transit Bipartition Surgery?

The main purpose of transit bipartition surgery is to restrict the amount of food consume and to disrupt the absorption of those consumed. Naturally, it is a very effective method for solving metabolic diseases. The surgery is applied to diabetic patients in the event of a certain weight.

Which Type of Diabetics Undertake Transit Bipartition Surgery?

The first requirement is that the patient has type 2 diabetes.  Then it is looked at whether the insulin reserve is enough. If the patient also meets this condition, then the patient is fully matched by looking for more specific conditions. In type 1 diabetes patients, neither metabolic surgery nor bariatric surgery can be performed.

How long does the operation take?

The operation can last between two and six hours.

How soon I can start exercises?

Although there is no serious surgical path during transit bipartition surgeries, there are serious effects in the internal area. Factors such as staples to ports, leak risk make the process after the operation quite special. No risk of any leakage or bleeding should not be played for at least three weeks. Light sports should be made between the third week and the sixth month, and heavier sports should be switched as weight is lost.

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