Why Antalya Health?

why antalya healthAntalya Health has been providing services since 2006 by adopting the principle of fully meeting the expectations and needs of patients and their relatives at every point. It was established in partnership with specialist doctors and tourism professionals.

Antalya Health is an institutional and reliable structure that has been implemented to meet the expectations and needs of specialist doctors with more than 30 years of experience, patients and their relatives in the field of health tourism with applications that will make a difference and  has contributed to the development of many medical students who serve as doctors in various health institutions, dedicated to human life and the health of their patients and signed numerous scientific studies on this subject today.

The aim of Antalya Health is to ensure that the patients and their relatives receive the highest quality services without any problems on their travels for the purpose of treatment in a most economical and reliable way through a professional organization within the health sector and that they do not deal with any other process except the treatment process.

With its professional, dynamic and experienced team, Antalya Health offers a service structure that does not compromise medical and ethical principles, respects patient rights and meets international quality standards and provides services in agreement with Turkey’s leading hospitals, medical centers and doctors, each of which provides international quality standards.

In addition to the professional health services it meets, Antalya Health also fully provides all transportation, accommodation, transfer, interpreter and health consultant needs of patients and their relatives with its 12 years of international tourism experience.

Antalya Health is one of the agencies in Antalya authorized by the health tourism authority certificate attached to the Ministry of Health. Our company has also registered “Antalya Health” brand.

You can find all the questions and answers you may need about your medical travel and treatment process in this section. If the subject you want to receive information is not included in the following questions or other parts of our website, you can get information by contacting Antalya Health consultants by filling out the relevant form in the Contact section.

What kind of services do you offer to my relatives whom I want to accompany me during my treatment?

During your treatment, Antalya Health Consultants are available to provide all the services that may be needed for your relatives as well as you. We have a wide range of services that are planned for the comfort, confidence and safety of our patients and their relatives, such as visa transactions, air tickets, airport transfers  and welcoming your relatives with the alternative of different accommodation options that we will offer them, providing their transportation with our transfer vehicles if they wish to visit you or if they have different demands, providing internet service so that they can communicate uninterruptedly with their own countries.

How long do you expect my treatment to last?

Following the examination of the necessary documents and results related to your health condition by your doctor, you will be informed by your doctor about your treatment process quickly.

When should I make my medical trip?

In cases where your health situation does not require immediate treatment, you can make the most appropriate planning for you by consulting with Antalya Health consultants on this issue. Turkey is a country with four seasons in terms of its geography and climate conditions. Due to tourism activities, summer months are high season in terms of hotels and air transportation in our country. Furthermore, there are significant temperature advantages in our country compared to European cities during the winter months; especially if you prefer Antalya for treatment, you can experience a winter period of 18-20 degrees. We highly recommend that you contact with Antalya Health consultants and your doctor before making the plan.

Should I undergo a medical examination before the trip?

Before your travel, if you need to determine the most appropriate treatment for you, your doctor may request some medical reports and results such as blood tests, past examination results, X-rays and results. In order for these documents to be delivered to your doctor, our website offers you a separate document loading area where you can easily forward these documents.

Can I meet my doctor before starting treatment?

If you request, we offer you the opportunity to share your doctor’s information and have a talk with your doctor before starting treatment, whether on the phone, via WhatsApp, or via Skype.

How much will I gain if I get treatment in Turkey?

As being treated in Turkey, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money compared to different countries offering equivalent quality services. The charges for medical procedures and treatments in our country have much more affordable costs than in European and American locations.

How will my treatment process be?

During your treatment, all necessary support will be provided by the Antalya Health team for patients and their relatives. Antalya Health will provide the regular interviews with your doctors, ensuring that your relatives can see you regularly if there is no medical problem, coordinating the treatment, examination and examination processes with the relevant health institution, providing translators support if you need them, your possible transportation, accommodation and non-hospital care needs. All reports and results are presented to you in written during the treatment period.

Will I need to be accompanied?

Depending on your treatment request, you will be notified during planning that you need an accompanying person. If you do not have a companion to accompany you, Antalya Health consultants will provide you with the best companion option. The selected companions will be nurses who are experienced and graduated from the health field.

Will my insurance company cover my treatment in Turkey?

This issue can have different results within the scope of the insurance companies ‘practices and the coverage of the patients’ insurance policies; therefore, we strongly recommend that you consult with your insurance company first.