Rhinoplasty in Turkey:

Aesthetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is the most performed surgery in plastic surgery. It allows the nose to have both healthier breathing and more harmonious look with the face.

Our first advice to a patient thinking of rhinoplasty is to have a professional surgeon who has large scale of experience. It is known that many surgeons who are inexperienced or untrained are trying to perform this surgery and therefore patient victimization is extremely frequent.

rhinoplasty turkey antalya
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Before-After

At least in a person with a disfigurement in his nose; the person opposite the person who is constantly looking at his own nose. This obsessive mood is available in almost all patients with shapely deformation in the nose.

In what cases should rhinoplasty be performed?

Rhinoplasty is an operation that is applied both visually and health wise in health. Aesthetic nose surgeries are performed on the lack of visual shape in general. In addition, rhinoplasty surgeries are performed to correct the disfigurement due to trauma. Nose aesthetics can be performed due to complaints such as arched, long, low nasal end, size of nasal holes or asymmetry.

Is there a difference between male and female surgery?

There are aesthetic differences between the male nose and the female nose. The criteria for this is usually the angle that the nose goes with the lip. In men it is about 90 degrees, and in women this angle is slightly higher. I mean, the female nose should be more uplifted than a man. In plastic surgery, surgical principles applied in male or female rhinoplasty are the same; however, the amount of measurements and angles varies here. In men, the tip and width of the nose are more distinct. The nose back and nasal tip passage should be ambiguous and the nasal lip angle should not be in feminine appearance.

Can nasal flesh and nasal congestion operations be performed at the same time as nasal aesthetics?

Structures called nasal flesh, konka, heat and moisturise the air that is inhaled from the nose. The growth of nasal flesh, conka hypertrophy, can also be confused with diseases such as nasal flesh and septum curvature among the population.

Problems that cause nasal congestion such as nasal flesh, septum curvature, are simultaneously correctable problems with rhinoplasty.

Can plastic surgery be applied to arched noses?

In patients with appropriate belt height in recent periods, arched noses can also be corrected with techniques where the height of the nose is completely reduced without arch filing.

What is nasal end aesthetics?

Rhinoplasty aesthetics is an operation in which cartilage at the end of the nose is performed by taking shape. Cartilage at the end of the nose can be shaped and the nasal and lip angle can be increased and reduced. The nose tip can be thinner. Nose heads can also be treated when performing rhinoplasty aesthetics.

Are arched nose, nasal bone or nasal reduction surgeries difficult surgeries?

Rhinoplasty surgeries are not very painful surgeries in general. Due to the bruises and swellings that occur after surgery, people believe that rhinoplasty surgeries are painful and distressed surgeries. Problems during tampon removal after rhinoplasty have been replaced by tamponless rhinoplasty surgeries. Silicone tampons used today do not cause such problems. Surgical procedure follows certain steps as

  • Technique used in surgery
  • Age, gender
  • It varies depending on the bone and cartilage structure of the patient.

The person’s; differences in skin, bone and cartilage structure can make it difficult for the surgeon to work. Patients with thin, delicate skin, bone and cartilage structure should be treated much more carefully.

Likewise, aesthetic surgeries of patients with thick skin are also difficult. In patients with thick skin, beautiful aesthetic lines are less visible from the outside. Difficulty in rhinoplasty is due to differences in the bone, cartilage and skin structure of the patient rather than the curvature of the nose arched or nasal bone.

How to do rhinoplasty, what techniques are used in their surgeries?

male rhinoplasty turkey
Rhinoplasty (Male) in Turkey

Open rhinoplasty: By opening with a small incision from the bottom of the interplicity of nostrils .The surgeon work with a wider viewing angle. The procedures usually applied in cartilage and bone are the same as the closed technique.

Open rhinoplasty technique can be preferred in patients with advanced deformity or a history of undergone aesthetic surgery called secondary surgery.

Closed rhinoplasty: In closed nose aesthetics, incisions are inside the nostrils. Although the surgical angle is less in the surgical sense, there is no possibility of a seam mark seen from the outside. In addition, the recovery time is relatively shorter according to the open rhinoplasty method.

How long does operation take?

Nose plastic surgeries vary depending on the operation to be performed between 2 -6 hours.

Any scars left after surgery?

Open rhinoplasty may leave a very slight mark. This mark does not appear to be the same as everyone, wound healing varies from person to person. There is no trace of external visible in closed-technique surgeries.

How long does swelling and bruises pass after surgery?

Sometimes there is no bruising .But sometimes swelling and bruising may occur. Bruising begins to release in a week and becomes invisible. The majority of edema passes in 1 week to 3 months.

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